Our worship services are currently online and in-person at 9:30am on Sundays (see below for more info).

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Where imperfect people learn how perfectly God loves them!

Unity Presbyterian Church

Our Mission:


To Glorify God by Making Disciples,

Through Worship, Prayer and Service to others




We believe that we encounter the risen Christ in worship, in prayer, and in serving each other and our neighbors, locally, nationally, and internationally.  We also desire to be and make disciples of Jesus Christ to the glory of God!


COVID-19 response:

As of July 12, 2020, Unity is in Phase 2 of our Safe Gatherings Plan

Some quick points for in-person worship during Phase 2:

            There will only be one worship service each Sunday.  It begins at 9:30am.

            Please come, wearing a mask (if you do not have one, we will provide one)

            Please arrive no earlier than 9:15am.  That is when the doors will open.

            Please enter and exit through the 7th St. Entrance.

            The worship service will be in the Fellowship Hall.

The full details of Phase 2 of Unity's Safe Gatherings Plan are below

Unity's Phase 2 Procedures and Guidelines
The full details of Phase 2 of Unity's Safe Gatherings Plan
Unity Phase 2 Letter 2020.06.17.doc
Microsoft Word document [39.0 KB]
4-Phase Safe Gatherings Plan Summary
Phase 1:  no in-person gatherings are permitted in the church building.  Worship services are exclusively online.

Phase 2: in-person worship services are permitted in the building and precautions will be in place designed to help us love one another and to care for those in our faith community who are most at risk from COVID.  Full details are above.

Phase 3: some precautions of Phase 2 will be relaxed, and, in addition to worship services, other groups will be permitted to gather in the church building. 
                This Phase is still being developed.

Phase 4:  we are essentially “back to normal.”

Please prayerfully consider for yourself whether or not you should join us for in-person worship.

In all cases, if you feel ill or if you are considered "high risk" for COVID-19, you are encouraged to worship from home rather than in person.

Please continue to pray for the church as we make this transition.

We hope to connect with you soon!


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