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Sunday School resumes on

Sunday, September 9 at 9:00 a.m.


Fall Activities:

Spetember 16th - Craft Day.  The kids will be painting picture frames for a fundraising project.  The money raised will go toward purchasing fleece for blankets to donate to Hospice.


September 23rd - First Blanket Sunday for the year.  Following the Children's Message the youth will go to the Fellowship Hall to make blankets for Hospice.  We will provide a light lunch for the kids as they complete their blankets. 


October will be all about "Creation"  On October 21st we will have a special    program for the kids in Fellwoship Hall presented by 5th Day Aqua.



December 31st was a special day for the entire Unity family.  The youth led the adults in creating blankets.  The kids were very excited to share their knowledge with the rest of the congregation.  We had purchased enough fleece to make 25 blankets to                                      share with those in need. 


FALL FUN:   Kids, parents and grand-parents came together on October 25 for a fun time of games, a craft, story and snack.  

Photos for  2018 VBS Summer Adventures


Photos from our 2017 VBS  "Kingdom Safari"

For our children:    


  1. We want to teach and model, by our own regular participation: what WORSHIP looks like, why we need to experience worship and why God deserves our praise. WORSHIP transforms ordinary into sacred.

  1. We want to teach the children how and why we PRAY, and to respect and honor others as they PRAY.

  1. We want to model SERVICE to others and provide opportunities for them to SERVE others.


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